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My graphic novel, CRESCENT CITY MAGICK : Welcome to New Orleans is on sale, now!

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Who is Michael L. Peters?  I've drawn Comics for such publishers as Heavy Metal Magazine, Desperado, Caliber, Image, and CFD.  I create and sell Prints mostly on mythological and fantasy themes, in pen & ink, watercolor and/or acrylics.  A few years ago,  I was hired by Ferris State University to create a series of pen & ink portraits of their former presidents.  I've taught drawing and illustration through a local art gallery, though I don't have a degree.  What I've learned about drawing and painting, I've learned through my own studies and practice and from following the example of those I respect.

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Contact me --  mlpetersartist(at)yahoo(dot)com, or mlpetersartist(at)gmail(dot)com

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