Short Comics Stories (various publishers and unpublished)

John Barleycorn :

Written and drawn for a folk-song anthology... that morphed into a work-song anthology... that fell into a bottomless limbo, as these things too often do. I submitted it to a publication I've placed stuff before, but never heard back. Admittedly, this is an odd piece and doesn't quite work, so... it's little wonder it didn't fit in anywhere.


The stories, "Medusa" and "Floydd the Giant-Killer" were printed in Negative Burn, from Desperado.  The printed versions are, unfortunately, in black & white, with only the cover in color, but I present the fully painted color version here on my website, below.  It was originally intended for Heavy Metal, but sat in their inventory for so long, I thought they'd never use it.  Negative Burn used my Medusa print as the cover image, which is fitting, since the story grew out of the print.

Floydd the Giant-Killer

After the long hard work on "Medusa", I needed to create something I found humorous to cleanse my mental pallete of all the despair and fatalism. "Floydd..." was just the thing. ...And yeah, I know the double "d" is wrong and would be pronounced like "th" in Gaelic, but it looked better.

I've had three stories, published in Heavy Metal.


In the September 2004 Issue of Heavy Metal.  You can order a copy of this issue and other issues containing my work  through -- Just search my name in their online shop.

  Eight pages full color .  Click on the pages below to see  larger versions.


In the Garden of the Hesperides

This story was published in the Heavy Metal "Taboo Special" -- spring 2001.

Le Morte...

This one saw print in the September 2002 issue of Heavy Metal.

The title refers to Sir Thomas Malory's   Le Morte D' Arthur,  The best know collection of Arthurian tales.  Personally, I prefer earlier versions of the stories,  but partially quoting Malory's title served this story's intention.

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