Ferris State University

I was hired to draw a number of pen & ink drawings (more than are shown here -- I forget how many).

If you're ever in Big Rapids, Michigan, take a look. These pictures and more are framed and on display in the Timme building, on the same floor (3rd) as the president's office. That's really the only way to see them as drawn.  The pictures here were scanned from photocopies, which were unfortunately cropped, as the drawings were too large to fit a standard photocopier. 

The pen & ink technique was largely inspired by early 20th century pen & ink illustrators and 19th century engravings.  Anyone who likes this style should look up Franklin Booth, J. C. CollCharles Dana Gibson, Gustave Dore and other illustrators.  However, these late, great artists can't accept commissions -- I do.

In 2005, FSU hired me to paint a portrait of late former Michigan governor G. Mennen "Soapy" Williams for their Williams Auditorium.  Scroll down to see a photo of me and the portrait at the unveiling.  The painting was later mounted to a nearby wall in the auditorium.  It's painted in acrylics (I might have tried oils if the deadline hadn't been very tight) on canvas.

In recent years, I've been drawing smaller portraits for Ferris, of each year's honorary doctorate recipients. 

There are a lot more Ferris drawings, than shown here, but this is a decent sampling, representative of this sort of portrait work.

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