Here are a couple of comic books I've worked on. I drew the inside story pages in both of these books. While I painted the cover for Unbound, the cover for Legends of Camelot :Sir Balin and the Dolorous Stroke, was painted by and is  Christina Wald.

Unbound was written by Joe Pruett, and Legends of Camelot..., by Jeff Limke, -- the stories are their copyrights, respectively.

Published Comics

Unbound #1

(a few excepted pages)


    Here are a few pages f

Published Comics

Legends of Camelot: Sir Balin and the Dolorous Stroke

(A few excerpted pages)



  I still have most of the original art for these two books and for the Heavy Metal Magazine stories.

Pin-Ups & Covers

Minerva vs. Thunderdog from the comic book "Pantheon" Blue Dynamo - from ARGO5 #8 Kasira- from ARGO5 #9

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