Sketchbook and Misc. Drawings

On this page, I'll put drawings from my sketchbook, preliminary drawings, pictures drawn for fun or family, and whatever else doesn't fit the categories on the other pages.

The Jane Morris drawings are from old photos printed in various books.  Jane Morris was the wife of designer/poet/socialist William Morris, and model and muse to Pre-Raphaelite painter/poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  I drew these quite some time ago, but inked them just a few years ago to save them from smudging away in an old sketchbook.

I'll be adding drawings, from time to time, as new interesting stuff is drawn and as I rediscover some old stuff, currently packed away in boxes.


Contact me --  mlpetersartist(at)yahoo(dot)com, or mlpetersartist(at)gmail(dot)com


Some old Star Wars paused VCR sketches, found recently.

Winona Ryder - Alien Resurrection sketches

Jessica Alba - - old VHS taped Dark Angel sketches

Jessica Alba - - old VHS taped Dark Angel sketches 2

Costigan Prelim 

Costigan Prelim Costigan Prelim DVD Sketches Conan Movie 2010
DVD sketches - - Buffy DVD Sketches from the 1980s Conan films DVD Captain Blood duel study. Portrait of my niece, Andrea. '04
Jane Morris 1 Jane Morris 2 Jane Morris 3
Preliminary Sketch for  "Pick Up your swords and Fly" (Valkyries) Me -- from one of my  business cards.  Thor - Get Well Card for a friend

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